ASUS ARS service - next business day replacement of defective server parts.
THIS IS FOR SERVER PRODUCTS ONLY, for warranty service of other products, please go to this link.
Self repair
  • If you are sure which part is defective and you would like to request the Advanced Replacement Service, please fill out the form here.
  • If you would like to determine defective part, please use contact us on email or call us: +420 552 303 070 .
  • If you would like to ask technical, compatibility or configuration question, please contact us here: link
How to get Advanced Replacement Service
Required information
  • For the application of the Advanced Replacement Service we will require the following information:
    • serial number, model name, part number
    • system configuration
    • problem description
    • proof of purchase may be needed
    • contact and shipping information
  • Customer-Induced Defect
    After receipt of a defective product ASUS will examine if defect is man-made (Customer-Induced Defect). The most common Customer-Induced Defects (CID) are bent/ broken PINs in CPU sockets, scratched PCB etc. CID rules and examples can be found on this link: If product has a CID than customer will be charged for repair, handling and shipping cost. In case the CID part is irreparable the price of the replacement product, handling and shipping costs will be charged to Customer.
Warranty terms and conditions
  • Please kindly read full warranty terms and conditions of the Advanced Replacement Service here