ASUS ARS service - next business day replacement of defective server parts.
THIS IS FOR SERVER PRODUCTS ONLY, for warranty service of other products, please go to this link.
Self repair
  • If you are sure which part is defective and you would like to request the Advanced Replacement Service, please fill out the form here.
  • If you would like to determine defective part, please use contact us on email or call us: +420 596 766 891.
  • If you would like to ask technical, compatibility or configuration question, please contact us here: link
How to get Advanced Replacement Service
Required information
  • For the application of the Advanced Replacement Service we will require the following information:
    • serial number, model name, part number
    • system configuration
    • problem description
    • proof of purchase may be needed
    • contact and shipping information
Warranty terms and conditions
  • Please kindly read full warranty terms and conditions of the Advanced Replacement Service here